Who is Q?

Qanon, also referred to as “Q”, whose identity is not yet known, began posting cryptic messages on an online forum known as 4chan in late October of 2017.

The pro-Trump posts titled “The Storm” quickly caught the attention of regular posters on the board. The posts gained traction as word of taking down the Deep State of D.C. spread like wildfire throughout the web. 

There are many YouTube videos for beginners out there as well as a ton of misinformation, so beware!

To learn the truth, get caught up on the latest “Q Drops” and learn more about Qanon go to www.qanon.pub 

WWG1WGA! (Where We Go One, We Go All)


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  • This is a noble movement. Through the Internet it grows world-wide.

    Noel Hughes
  • We love the shirts! They are perfect! Let me know how we can get some more little black cards! Thank you so much!


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